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Mintos marketplace

  •   Key features:                 P2P loans
  •   Expected return:            5.5% - 12.5%
  •   Asset class:                   Personal, Commercial, Property loans
  •   Currency:                       EUR, GBP Term: 2 - 48 months
  •   Min Investment:            10 EUR, 10 GBP
  •   Key Advantage:             Wide assets selection; Safeguard, Buyback option                                    Check it!

*Please be aware that past performance cannot guarantee the same or better investment results in future. You are strongly recommended to get a qualified investment advice from Your financial advisor before initiating any investments.

Why P2P Sector?

  Historically, the most profitable investment opportunities arise during new technology or environment development. The new sector might be beneficial due to its more effective ways of solving particular customer needs. At present, we have the very moment when latest software and technology advancements reach such a level that allows certain companies to significantly lower loan origination / capital attraction costs by automatizing risk assessment processes. Big Data (opportunity to collect and effectively analyze) tools was one of the key moving powers to reach the current status. As a result, a number of companies start to use this approach to capitalize on the advanced technology which might become a serious threat to traditional banking - why do you need a bank intermediary if you can lend funds directly to borrowers at the same risk level (taking into account rapidly progressing and improving risk assessment algorithms)?

Traditional scheme:  

  1. Investor makes a 1% deposit to the banking account  
  2. The bank originates loans pool averaging at about 7%  
  3. The bank reaps healthy margin of 7% - 1% = 6$  
  4. Investor gets his 1% return.

P2P scheme:

  1. Investor makes a deposit to the P2P Platform Company
  2. Investments are distributed among numerous borrowers (qualified under risk assessment program of the PC) with total average return of 7%
  3. The PC takes a fee of 1% platform managing fee
  4. Investor gets his 7% - 1% = 6% return.

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