It is always important to understand basic principles of how P2P marketplace selects assets for listing as its quality is the key factor for consistent profitability for every investor.

Check these procedures at Mintos:

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  Key statistical data about the Mintos marketplace as of 22.06.2017 to better understand its size, coverage and overall liquidity of the Mintos secondary market.


Key operating facts about Mintos:

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  Mintos is a P2P marketplace for the assets presented by other P2P Investment assets originators. Simply said, if BitBond (or any other P2P asset originator) issues an asset it might list this asset at Mintos after passing all the compliance requirements.


The actual procedure step-by-step:

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findopportun1) Understand your needs

- what are your key objectives (stable income growth, investment horizon, risk profile)

2) Define companies to which you can become a client (check our database of P2P companies)

e.g. not all companies can offer services to US residents. There might also be some restrictions by other features such as high minimal investment entrance amounts or currency limits (perform basic screening here)

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