Asset scanning process can be a very time-consuming activity, however there are already a number of automation tools based on advanced built-in algorithms which can significantly facilitate your selection process. Usually, this type of software can be fully integrated to P2P platform (usually software developer has a partnership agreement with some of them). As a user of it you generally have 2 options:

1) Stick to one of the proposed fully automation solutions - investment algorithms are already built-in the software and an investor needs only to select his desired risk level

2) Setup own customized investing criteria - just put in your target assets key features and the algorithm will start investing according to the task.

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An experienced investor knows that his portfolio stability - low NAV (Net Asset Value) mainly depends on diversification. You can a have a very attractive assets, but due to its low diversification you are under higher threat of unsystematic risk (risk of a particular asset). Simple example:

A) 100 borrowers - 100 USD each (10k USD in total) vs.

B) 2 borrowers - 5k USD each (10k USD in total).

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  There can be no direct answer for it. Each case is unique as for other assets classes such as Stocks (blue chips vs. pink sheets), Bonds (AAA bonds vs. C-D junk bonds), etc. Even Banking deposits have only a theoretic defense as their are backed by assets and trust of the banks and a National Treasury dep. (as a guarantor).

Therefore, the investment outcome is highly dependent on investor's assets selection skills. P2Port's team and our community will try to do the best in terms of providing our friends with suggestions on how to select assets for your P2P portfolio (check our Blog). We highly welcome any constructive opinions on the topic and promote active discussions at our forums and blogs.

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