findopportun1) Understand your needs

- what are your key objectives (stable income growth, investment horizon, risk profile)

2) Define companies to which you can become a client (check our database of P2P companies)

e.g. not all companies can offer services to US residents. There might also be some restrictions by other features such as high minimal investment entrance amounts or currency limits (perform basic screening here)

3) Define which P2P asset classes are more suitable for you

- Personal loans

    - consumer loans

    - real-estate, mortgages

- Commercial loans

    - financing invoices

    - business development loans

    - real-estate

- Passive management - P2P funds (funds and managers investing your wealth into P2P oriented assets)

P2P stocks (check the list of the P2P companies listed on public stock exchanges)


4) Scan through the list of potential P2P platforms by selecting the necessary filters such as currency, location, minimally required investment, etc.

5) Analyze the selected companies (by comparing the strongest points of each platform) by checking

  •   offered terms
  •   past performance (if present)
  •   offered asset classes

6) Invest in the best:

P2P Personal and P2P Commercial Loans

P2P Funds and Stocks


Let's discuss it!

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