Mintos is a P2P marketplace for the assets presented by other P2P Investment assets originators. Simply said, if BitBond (or any other P2P asset originator) issues an asset it might list this asset at Mintos after passing all the compliance requirements.


The actual procedure step-by-step:

1) Client X is looking for funds for his project.

2) Client X submits his request to BitBond (just for example).

3) The application of Client X is analyzed and processed by BitBond.

4) BitBond approves this application and offers the project of Client X to the pool of investors registered at BitBond.

5) Another option for BitBond is to list the Client X project at Mintos - as it provides access to broader investment audience.

6) BitBond applies for a membership at Mintos and after the compliance research has been performed a positive decision can be reached. BitBond might become a member of Mintos network. However, not all the assets of the approved members can be marketed at Mintos (they all are reevaluated separately).

7) The Project X is submitted to Mintos. Mintos deeply scans the project to meet its strict listing guidance. If the project is recognized as an investable asset then it can be listed at Mintos. Appropriate risk rate is granted to it to reflect its reliability of payback.

8) Now a Mintos registered user can find it at the marketplace, reevaluate it and fund it partly or fully.

9) BitBond has found a client seeking for funds (Client X) and Mintos investor has invested funds in a suitable for him asset.


As we can see, the Mintos marketplace is a P2P analogue for P2P assets as the NASDAQ (or the NYSE or the CBOE or the LSE) stock exchange is a marketplace for stocks

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